Online psychotherapy for adults

Online psychotherapy from your home or office

The effectiveness of online psychotherapy

I have been practicing online therapy for many years, both in Greek and in English, during which time I have worked with a great deal of people living in many parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, America, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

Research into the effectiveness of online psychotherapy has shown that it is helpful to people suffering from mood disorders like depression and difficulties with anxiety. It is also effective with emotional difficulties, such as relationship problems with the self and others, issues with self-confidence, difficulty in assertiveness, stress management and relief, difficulty in communication, in codependency and a wide range of other difficulties to do with being human. In my own experience as an online psychotherapist, I have so far found that people find it easy to connect with me through Skype, we are able to create a meaningful and safe therapeutic relationship and to make very good use of the therapy.

How does it work?

In face-to-face psychotherapy you visit the therapist in her office, which means she has the capacity and responsibility to provide you with a consistently safe therapy space that is quiet, stable and as far removed as possible from any kind of disturbances and intrusions that would interrupt the therapeutic process. In online psychotherapy, since you are in your own home or office, the responsibility for creating such a space for every session lies with you. In an ideal world, the space you create should be free of such intrusions as phones ringing, people walking in and out of your space, Online psychotherapy for adults with Irene Bakopoulouthe sense that someone might hear what you or your therapist are saying and anything that might make you feel unsafe in your therapy space. This is not always possible. Such disturbances are not detrimental to the actual therapy, so long as they are not the norm. This is definitely something you can talk with me about, so that together we can find the best solution.

What are the technical requirements for online psychotherapy?

As far as the technical side of sessions goes, if you have a connection faster than 30Mbps and a good computer camera, it’s usually fairly easy to have skype sessions without much trouble. You can check your internet speed via this reliable speedtest website.

I always suggest investing in a High Definition (HD) camera, as opposed to the standard in-built device cameras, because the better picture and sound make for a much more enjoyable and satisfactory interpersonal connection between client and therapist and so provides the ground for therapy to be more effective. In my experience, it’s worth the expense.

Who will help me with any technical issues that arise?

I am well versed in computer technology, so I can help you with fixing most of the difficulties that may arise. However, for issues to do with your internet provider’s service to you, you will need to contact them.

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