The psychoanalytic psychotherapy frame

The psychoanalytic psychotherapy online frame Promontorio Ph.1933 Paul Klee

The frame within which psychoanalytic psychotherapy takes place, including its boundaries and characteristics; session frequency, session and therapy duration,

About Irene Bakopoulou

Education and experience to date I was born in Thessaloniki Greece, in 1972. I moved to the United Kingdom in 1996 where I began my career in the field of Mental Health with a BSc in Psychology and then an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies. In 2008 I further completed my training as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist […]

Online psychotherapy for adults

Psychotherapy online counseling psychoanalytic psychotherapy Irene Bakopoulou

Online psychotherapy for adults with psychoanalytic psychotherapist Irene Bakopoulou. What is online psychotherapy and how does it work? Issues it can help with…

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

what is psychoanalytic psychotherapy online psychologist

What is psychoanalytic psychotherapy and how does it work? It is useful to people who wish to understand themselves and what is going on in their internal world…